Founded in 1930, Ballert is a leader in the evaluation, fabrication, fitting and adjusting of orthotic and prosthetic devices in Chicago region. With seven patient care offices in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs, Ballert has assembled a talented team of certified and Illinois licensed practitioners whose number one priority is to enhance recovery and restore function for every patient we see.

Unlike many O&P companies today, Ballert continues to advocate strongly for custom-fabrication of its braces, and has resisted the trend toward off-the-shelf solutions that often elevate convenience over quality.  Our in-house manufacturing facility operates a double shift to ensure that the demand for quick turnaround for custom appliances can be met.

Supporting our practitioners is an administrative staff dedicated to helping patients understand, navigate and resolve their insurance policies.  The company invests in the education of its administrators to ensure that they keep pace with the evolving and fast-changing rules of Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurances.

Ballert’s highest commitment is to its patients, offering a complete line of custom and off-the-shelf products, including cutting-edge technologies.  Our clinics operate with evening and weekend hours for the convenience of our patients, and a live answering service and on-call practitioners guarantee that emergencies are responded to in a timely fashion.  Additionally, Ballert provides ongoing education and training for patients, caregivers and hospital staffs.

Since the 1980's, Ballert's team has championed the orthotic treatment of neuromuscular diseases, dedicating time andresources to partnering with MDA, ALS Les Turner Foundation, and ALSA clinics throughout the Chicago region. More recently, Ballert became one of the few facilities in the United States to receive FDA clearance for the manufacture of cranial molding helmets, which are used to correct skull deformations in infants.