Rheo Knee


Photo courtesy Ossur Americas

The Rheo Knee by Ossur is the first microprocessor swing and stance knee system to utilize the power of artificial intelligence. Adapting automatically to the individual’s personal walking style the Rheo Knee system continually learns while optimizing control over time. Users quickly regain confidence in their ability to walk at any desired speed and traverse any terrain.

Ballert prosthetists are specially certified to fit the Ossur knee.


Myoelectric Arm

Myoelectric arms have improved dramatically over the past decade, enabling upper-limb amputees to enjoy restored functionality that wasn’t available before.

Touch Bionics i-digits

Photo courtesy of
Touch Bionics
Touch Bionics now offers i-limb digits, the customized electronic prosthesis for

people with missing fingers or partial hands. This technology is available to Ballert Orthopedic patients.

Ballert prosthetists are specially certified to fit the Touch Bionics product line.  

MAS Socket Design

The innovative MAS socket design provides several clinical benefits: patients can sit more comfortably; there is no plastic beneath the gluteus; the prosthesis is easier to don; patients enjoy full range of motion, better functional gait--and important to patients and family members too--much better cosmesis. Seeing a video of patients walking, sitting, and demonstrating the range of motion possible is truly amazing.

Harmony Vacuum Controlled Socket

The new rotational feature of Ottobock’s Harmony System allows wearers to move more naturally — whether they are walking, running errands or golfing. Elevated vacuum leads to heightened proprioception, the awareness a user has of her or his leg in space. This leads to increased balance, stability and control over the prosthesis.


Photo courtesy of Ottobock

The Ottobock C-Leg is a prosthetic limb fitted with microprocessors and sensors that mimic the stability and step of a natural leg. The device features an electronically controlled hydraulic knee with sensors that read and adapt to every move. Multiple sensors, including a MEMS-based strain sensor that measures the load on the foot, record knee angles and motion more than 50 times a second.

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